Docks Prinzenbar 08.12.: Steve-O : The End Of The World European Tour.

This event "Steve-O : The End Of The World European Tour." @ Docks Prinzenbar has already ended on 12/08/2016.
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Steve-O : The End Of The World European Tour. @ Docks, Hamburg

Steve-O, best known from the TV show Jackass, is still big in business. This December the comedian and actor will present four shows in Germany of his “The End Of The World“ European Tour. 

On stage Steve combines comedy, variety, stories and performance into one unique stage program and explains how he became a „Jackass“ when performing at prestigious comedy venues such as New York City’s Comedy Cellar or LA’s Laugh Factory.

The People with money magazine listed him as the best paid comedian in 2016. Steve is an extraordinary entrepreneur but most important he is an outstanding comedian and successful at what he is doing. His career started back in 2000 when the first season of Jackass aired. 

A year later he launched his own tour called “Steve-O Don’t Try This At Home“, performing his professional stuntman skills on stage throughout the U.S. and many other countries.

He has starred in numerous television shows and movies like the global blockbuster „Jackass“ and has been doing stand-up comedy since 2005. His most recent stand-up special “Guilty as charged“ is his first hour-long special that aired on Showtime and performed in the top one percent of all Showtime comedy specials. 

Steve is a strong character on and off stage and pretty much unstoppable. Expect the unexpected and get ready for a spetacular comedy show with lots of laughter.​